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School History


Whitebridge High School was established in 1963 and is situated about eight kilometres from the centre of Newcastle and one kilometre from the beach.

It is set in a pleasant tree-studded campus with excellent student facilities.

Official School Opening


School Opening


9 October 1964

The photo on the left was taken at the opening of Whitebridge High School on the 9th October 1964.

Shown are Senior Prefect Brian Goodwin (obscured) presenting the Minister for Education, the Hon. E. Wetherell, M.L.A., to prefects Greg Cross and Allan Searant. On the far right is the School Principal, Mr H Kearsley.


1964 School Opening


The official opening of the school was conducted from temporary staging, erected in the quadrangle, adjacent the Canteen Building. Dignitaries included Hon. E Wetherell, M L A., Mr H Kearsley, Mr J C Harding (Deputy Principal), Mr G Fraser (President of the P & C Association), Cr T R Pendlebury (President of Lake Macquarie Shire), Mr W A Gelfius (Education Department), Mr J T Stewart M L A, and Rev J D Moody (representing visiting clergy).

Some 700 people attended the function, an urgent plea was made for an assembly hall (built some 20 years later!), and a holiday was granted in honour of the occasion.


Plaque (refurbished June 2013) attached to 'D' Administration Block and commemorating the official opening of the school in 1964.